The Lunargent Story

 My adventure in chaimail began in 2001, while I was participating in the organisation of LARPing activities. I started with a simple chainmail short top. I then matched it with a chainmail skirt. Then a chainmail helmet. Then I decided my first top wasn't good enough, and made another longer one. And then I realized that well, this was all well and nice, but that the occasions to wear those where decidedly few and far between. Then I made a bracelet, then another one, then my first choker, then earrings, then... Well you get the picture.

I constantly seek to expand the range of materials I am working with, while maintaining a dedication to create unique pieces. My chokers are unique pieces of wearable art that range from the simply glamourous to the elegantly complex.

  • New creation : Sunfilled Sky

  • New creation : Dragon Wing Choker

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